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aSNT NDT Level-II Courses For JULY-AUGUST 2024. certification Scheme: ASNT- SNT-TC-1A  Registration

Online (Theory) + Offline (Practical) NDT Level II Training .

Theory Class Timings: 9 pm to 10.30 pm , everyday.

Practical Class Timings: 10 am to 6 pm ,Sunday

Combined 5 Course (VT + UT +RT +MT +PT  ) Method Fees =INR 16000.00

Admission Open for JULY-AUGUST 2024 .

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KOLKATA NDT ISO 9001 :2015 & MSME Certified leading institute for NDT Training . Kolkata NDT offers ASNT SNT TC 1A NDT Level-II JULY-AUGUST 2024 Batch as per written practice based on ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Our unique approach towards practical training and sound knowledge of Metallurgical testing gives you an edge over conventional NDT training Institute. We can qualify your engineers for non destructive testing. Kolkata NDT  facilities to develop you as NDT inspector.

We regularly conduct NDT Level II training on VT, MT, PT, UT, RT. Engineers and junior engineers can enroll in these courses and sharpen their skills for NDT testing. NDT training Institute are conducted by experts. NDT courses are designed and conducted by qualified NDT trainers. The candidates are evaluated at for practical and theoretical knowledge of NDT techniques. Upon successfully passing the examination Level II certificate is issued. 

 Training fACILITY

Training Room | Library (Books) |Smart Big Size TV Panel Board | Magnetic particle testing equipment | Penetrant testing facility | Black Light | Ultrasonic Testing Machines | Digital Thickness Testing Machines | Radiography Film Viewers | Densitometer | Reference Radiographs |Defective sample pieces | Welding Gauges & other relevant equipment.


Non-Destructive Testing Level II Certification Course:

After completing this NDT Level II course, you will be able to perform:






Certification Scheme  : As per American Society (ASNT) Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A.

Course Mode: The online live class is 60 days, followed by 4 days classroom practical and exam.The theory sessions are conducted online (1.5 hours per day ) Via Google meet. Practical element and exam will be conducted at our  training venues.

Practical /Offline Class Time and Examination:

4 Sunday (Timing:10 AM to 6 PM)

Theory Class Via Google meet : Everyday ,Monday to Friday Evening 9 PM to 10.30 PM .

Duration of NDT Class Per Batch :2 Months (60 Days)

Available Six Batch for Year 2023:     

1.  Batch 1:January-February (01.01.2023
to 28.02.2023)

2.  Batch 2:March -April (01.03.2023 to 30.04.2023)

3.  Batch 3: May-June(01.05.2023 to 30.06.2023)

4.  Batch 4: July-August (01.07.2023 to 30.08.2023)

5.  Batch 5:September-October (01.09.2023 to 30.10.2023)

6.  Batch 6 :November December.  (01.11.2023 to 30.12.2023)

Mandatory NDT Experience to Join NDT Course: At least 1 Year in the NDT Field and NDT Experience Certificate to be submitted.

Academic Qualification Required to Join NDT Course  : Preferably
Engineering / Diploma ,Graduates.         

Total Course Fess for Five Combined Methods together: Rs.15000.00 including Level II Methods VT +UT+RT+MPT+PT

Individual Fees:

1.  VT=Rs.6500.00

2.  UT=Rs.7500.00

3.  RT=Rs.7500.00

4.  MPT=Rs.5500.00

5.  PT=Rs.5000.00.

Documents Required :

1.  Last Academic qualification

2.  NDT Experience certificates
from current company

3.  Doctor Vision Certificates
for Near And Color Vision 


Shyam Sundar Gayen


◉ ASNT Level III (RT, PT, UT, MT, VT) 
◉ Senior Certified Welding Inspector (IQS)
◉ API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector

Mr. Shyam Sundar Gayen, has done a B.TECH in Mechanical Engineering. He is having about 19 years’ experience in QA/QC and NDT field.


1. What Is NDT Course?

NDT (Non Destructive Testing) is a testing and analysis methodology used in evaluation of a material or a component of a structure for deviation in acceptance or discontinuities in the asset without causing damage to the part itself.

NDT has a wide variety of methods that are used to determine the integrity of the part.

2.    How To Apply For NDT Course?

To enroll into the NDT course program just fill the links (https://kolkatandt.com/registration-form/) and book your seat.

3.    How Much Is NDT Level 2 Course?

NDT  fee course ranges for Combined course Rs.15000.00 if you want to enroll in the course with all fundamental methods (VT  + UT+ RT+ MPT + PT)  .

Separate individual NDT Methods Fees:  VT=Rs.6500.00 , UT=Rs.7500.00 , RT=Rs.7500.00 , MPT=Rs.5500.00 , PT=Rs.5000.00.

4.    NDT Course Is Now Many Days?

NDT course duration is 60 Days or Two month if you want to enroll in the course with all fundamental methods.

5.    How many Levels in NDT?

There are 3 levels in ASNT NDT level 1( NDT assistant ), level 2 ( NDT technician ), level 3( signing authority , NDT engineer). ASNT Level 3 engineer approves level 1 and level 2 technicians.

6.    Who is NDT Level 2 technician?

A professional Technician who performs Non-destructive  testing methods on the raw material, welds, pipes, fittings, automobile parts etc. and finding out the defects.

7.    What is the minimum qualification for NDT course?

Minimum 10th or 12th

8.    What is the minimum Experience for NDT course?

B.tech-1 Year Experience ,Diploma: 2 Years and Any Discipline with  4 years of  Experience.

9.    How long does it take to become a Level 2 Certified in NDT?

2 Months Training Duration. Theory -Online Live Class and Practical : Offline Class room training.

10. Is NDT a good career?

Of course, we can apply in shut-down projects, pipeline projects, structural projects, ship building,  boiler fabrication, pressure vessel fabrication,  automobile parts fabrication, storage tanks.

11. How long does NDT certification last?

5 years, After 5 years certificates has to be renewed.

12. What is ASNT SNT TC 1A Level II certification?

It is Level 2 certification scheme And issued certificates based on  Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A.

13. Where are the NDT training centers located at?

Near Garia Station and Kobi Subhash Metro ,Kolkata West bengal.

14. What you will Learn in NDT Course from KOLKATA NDT?

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)   ♦ Liquid Penetant Testing (LPT/DPT)  ♦ Ultrasonic Testing (UT) ♦ Radiographic Testing (RT)  ♦ Visual Testing (VT) 

15. Free Class for Combined NDT Level II From Kolkata NDT training Institute:

How to Review WPS/PQR as per ASME Sec IX And Radiography Requirements as Per pressure vessel Code ASME Sec VIII D-1 and Introduction to pressure Vessel

16. How to register for a course & what are the class timings?

You may call us and confirm your participation at least 5 days prior to the date of the course. Please refer the schedule for this year for dates. You may either come down to our office on the day before the course during working time or on the start date to fill up the registration form. Theory Classes are taken from 09:00pm  to 10:30 pm and Practical Classes on Sunday Timing 10 am to 6 pm..

17. What documents are required for registration?

Please carry copies of your Last academic Qualifications , Eye test certificate, employment proof, and passport size photographs and full fee for the course. 

What we do?

Our Services

NDT Training Partner for Skill Development

NDT LEVEL 2 Training and Certification on VT ,UT,RT ,MPT and PT.

Calibration and Certification on UT and MPT Machine .

ASNT LEVEL III Consultancy

API 510 Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector Consultancy

Know About Us

Welcome To Kolkata NDT Excellence Centre

Kolkata NDT Excellence Centre  – a renowned NDT Training Institute in Kolkata as well Eastern India. we provide quality and reliable NDT services on time, not only that we also provide training and Certification Course on the NDT Methods on UT, RT, MT, PT by highly professionals and ASNT NDT Level – III, API 510 authorized pressure vessel inspector, Senior certified welding inspector personnel. impart quality training in the related field.

100% Job Guarantee NDT Course. A myth?

Another easy way to fall prey is 100% job guarantee or 100% job assistance, NDT courses. Let us look at actual perspective. Employers
selection is NOT based on your NDT certification alone. Much above that interpersonal skills, team work, language skills and IQ of the trainee. An institute cannot guarantee a job without considering the above.

No organization can guarantee a job for you without specifying the employer name, pay scale, facilities, job responsibilities, location
of employment. Be aware of and check before your take the admission.

Getting into an NDT job is quite easy provided if you have sound knowledge, practical skills and good inter personnel skills. For this
you need to select the best place and right ASNT Level III trainer.

NDT & QA, QC are good courses for Mechanical Engineers

NDT courses are invaluable short term courses for mechanical engineers. Courses are preferred for steep career growth in Quality Control QA QC functions. These courses are especially considered for Mechanical Engineers, Metallurgical Engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineering graduates.

For certification minimum education, training and experience is needed. Candidates with Diploma in Engineering or Graduate BE B.Tech in Engineering (mechanical engineering, metallurgy, civil or any engineering) or B.Sc. Even Science graduates or Plus 2 / intermediate with Maths, science are eligible for NDT training.

Training Schedules, Online Registration Procedure

If you meet the eligible criteria, check upcoming training schedule. We limit each training to a maximum of 15 candidates per course.

#1 Select the Batch from Training Schedule /Course Calendar 2023.Please Click Here:https://kolkatandt.com/training-program/
#2 Complete Payment Process and Pay Course fee .Account Details :Payments to made in favour of “Kolkata NDT Excellence Centre”.Bank Name: SBI Bank , A/C No:40770306919 ,IFSC:SBIN0014033 ,Branch: Mathurapur , West Bengal,
#3 Fill the details .Go to :https://kolkatandt.com/registration-form/
#4 Attach, Upload Photograph with your signature
#5 Submit
#6 Inform on Whats App +91 861701460 with Transaction Screen shot

NDT Training Eligibility And Experience For Certification

Ultrasonic Testing(UT) Level I, II

  UT Level I UT Level II
Training (Hours) 40 Hours 40 Hours
Experience (Hours) 210 Hours 630 Hours

Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT) Level I, II

  MPT Level I MPT Level II
Training (Hours) 12 Hours 08 Hours
Experience (Hours) 70 Hours 210 Hours

Liquid Penetrant testing(DPT) Level I, II

  DPT Level I DPT Level II
Training (Hours) 12 Hours 08 Hours
Experience (Hours) 70 Hours 210 Hours

Radiography Testing (RT) Level I, II

  RT Level I RT Level II
Training (Hours) 40 Hours 40 Hours
Experience (Hours) 210 Hours 630 Hours

Visual Testing (VT) Level I, II

  VT Level I VT Level II
Training (Hours) 08 Hours 16 Hours
Experience (Hours) 70 Hours 140 Hours

Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI) Level II Limited Certification

  RTFI Level II
(Non Radiographers)
(With Radiography Level I Background)
Training (Hours) 40 Hours 24 Hours
Experience (Hours) 220 Hours 220 Hours

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG) Level II Limited

  Digital Thickness Measurement
(numeric output only)
A- Scan Thickness Measurement
Training (Hours) 08 Hours 24 Hours
Experience (Hours) 40 Hours 175 Hours

Important Notes

  • An NDT trainee may be qualified directly to Level 2 with no time as Level 1, the training and experience requirements consists of the sum of the hours for Level I and II as specified above.
  • While fulfilling total experience requirement, experience may be gained in more than one NDT method, however the minimum hours must be meet for each method to be eligible for the courses.
  • In addition, the candidate must meet the following other eligibility criteria as per the written practice.

Eye Fitness Test – Near Vision & Color Vision Acuity

To be eligible for NDT courses (level I, II, III), besides education, experience, he/she shall meet eye’s vision requirements for near vision and colour vision.

Accordingly to ASNT SNT TC 1A, for any level of certification, Eye fitness is mandatory. Requirement for eye test are clearly indicated in the document. Details of eye fitness excerpts are here for quick reference.

Eye fitness test shall be administered by a registered opthalmologist or an ASNT Level 3 with valid ASNT certification on the date of Eye test.

Near Vision Tests

He/she shall ensure natural or corrected near-distance acuity in at least one eye such that the applicant is capable of reading a minimum of Jaeger Number 1 or equivalent type and size letter. The distance designated on the chart is not less than 12 inches (30.5 cm) on a standard Jaeger test chart’. 

Optionally, the ability to perceive an Ortho-Rater minimum of 8 or similar test pattern is also acceptable. Near vision tests should be administered once in a year throughout his/her certification duration.

Color Vision Tests


Color vision test should demonstrate the capability of distinguishing and differentiating contrast among colors. For this purpose, charts such as Ishihara Charts or shades of gray used in the method or as determined by the employer. Color vision test for NDT inspectors should be conducted upon first certification and at five-year intervals thereafter.

Google Rating

14:57 12 Apr 23
Very good educational institution to learn NDT. Very nice classroom & awesome teacher who teaches from his heart .He himself don’t feel satisfied until he makes to understand the subject to the students.I will recommend every willing candidates to join here.
07:01 12 Apr 23
I m so happy to learn from here. It’s great opportunity to us. If you feel any doubts about your study. Sir, always help us. According to me that KNEC is best way to learn of NDT courses..
Kalyan MondalKalyan Mondal
07:31 27 Feb 23
Best NDT Level II course done here, Gayen sir is one of the best knowledgeable person in this field. Cleared all my doubt & now I am confident about NDT.Theory and practical classes are very detailed.Thank you sir for your support.
Debasish MondalDebasish Mondal
07:07 27 Feb 23
Myself Debasish Mondal from Durgapur. Completing NDE level-ii course. During this course, I was taught step by step with very clear concept (theories and practical both). My teacher Mr. Shyam Sundar Gayen sir also very very co-operative, and professionally he give us a better knowledge with examples about my subject. Overall my course experience and Class was better than expected and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Pranab SarkarPranab Sarkar
10:28 27 Oct 22
Kolkata NDT is the best institute for NDT training . I have learn about DP , MPT , VT , RT & UT clearly in this institute . Very care fully to give Teaching to all Students in this Institute. All subjects explained in simple words , practical classes for DP, MPT , UT & RT is to much unbelievable . I am very very happy for teaching in this institute .


ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organization & MSME Registered

NDT Training Institute and provide training and Certification Course on the NDT Methods on UT, RT, MT, PT and VT by highly professional ASNT NDT Level - III ,API 510 Authorized Pressure Vessel inspector, Senior Certified Welding inspector personnel and with updated instrumental facility.

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